Homosexuality and world religions

Representatives of sexual minorities were always concerned by the relation of any given religions to homosexuality and lesbianism. Why? At everyone the motives. For example, someone will run to change religion, having learned that other religion belongs to sexual minorities more tolerantly; someone just wants to find though some consolation, knowing that not all religions discriminate gays and lesbians.

We already know how the Christianity, Orthodoxy and Catholicism belongs to all this. Because write about it and tell all mass media. Though it is possible to find such episode in the Bible – I will literally not say if to someone it is interesting, that will open and will read itself, – the following contents: pupils asked Christ: “And how people learn that we are your pupils?” What Christ answered: “On love to each other”.

Not it is clear, on what love? On brotherly? It is possible to interpret differently, just ambiguity of this phrase sets thinking. All know the parable about Sodom and Gomorrah. Its sense is interpreted so that punishment followed for homosexuality. More likely, it can be interpreted as punishment for abuse of what was given them.

Many religions take homosexuality and lesbianism for a perversion though there is no perversion in it – absolutely any. In what gays or lesbian in a bed are engaged, also so-called heterosexual couples practice. You can spot that online at Cameraboys website where it’s visible very clearly. It is known that religions do not justify heterosexual couples if those practice the same, as not heterosexual, but nevertheless concern them more loyally.

It would be desirable to note also that any doctrine, any religion was written by people, but not divine beings, therefore will fully trust in any one doctrine too does not follow. After all people in the main weight are seldom objective as the person – the slave to the desires and the principles.


I will begin with religion which it is more tolerant, than the others, treats homosexuality. It is the Buddhism. This religion considers acts of people on the basis of criteria of usefulness and good intentions. Buddha did not mention homosexuality in the exercises. Probably, a homosexual relationship is considered in the Buddhism on an equal basis with heterosexual. Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, does not discriminate a homosexual relationship, he is loyal to all and the only thing that considers incorrect, is use by people of the bodies not on appointment. Here, I think, it is not necessary to explain. But, on the other hand, remember the structure of a female urinogenital system. There, in my opinion, is no too clear split because two bodies are in close proximity from each other (urethra and a vagina). If to follow logic of Dalai Lama, then and the female urinogenital system is used not absolutely for designated purpose. The genital body of the man performs two functions too, and they are natural. Why other bodies cannot perform additional functions? It is clear, that here stereotypes are simply imposed. Yes, the woman can give birth to the child, and the man cannot – so it clearly. Someone has to give birth, otherwise we everything would die out long ago. So to speak about correctness of application of the sexual and not genitals too safely.

As we know, in the Buddhism there is such concept as regeneration, that is belief that soul after the death of the person moves in other body. If to argue logically, then soul of the man can move in a female body, and the woman’s soul – in men’s. In the Buddhism it is not stipulated that soul of the man can move only in a male body, and the woman’s soul – only in women’s. Some will tell: “Allow soul – it is something sexless as it can be connected?” I will answer very simply: proceeding from postulates of the Buddhism, soul bears in itself information on antecedents and, undoubtedly, it leaves the mark.

This religion is very interesting, and most of homosexuals perceive it as the last mooring where they can find though some understanding. The Buddhism does not deny a karma. Everything is predetermined that is if someone was born the gay (lesbian), or came to it in the course of life, – means, it is so necessary.


One of the most strict religions in this plan. So I thought, did not find yet one source in which it is said that, appears, sex between men is allowed, but with the following reservations:

– only same-sex relationships between adult men are forbidden (homosexuality), but a relationship between men and boys (homosexual) and also between men and eunuchs is not forbidden, or those someone are called gays today (in medicine all this is called homosexuality).


Also Islam, appears, allows the sexual intercourses with boys of 8-14 years. The most real pedophilia. Respectively, boys when grow and will become men, too can dominate other boys. The man who is considered a homosexual is a passive gay. He, according to this religion, has to be executed. The man who acts as an asset is not considered the gay.

“(Buhari of LXII, 25), As for the one someone plays with the boy: if he had with him relations, he should not marry his mother. Arabic: feeman yal’abu bis-sabiyy: in ‘adkhalahu feehi falaa yatazawwajanna’ ummahu. (This rule is followed in the same chapter by prohibition to the man to marry both mother, and her daughter.) Obviously, in Hadith the sexual contact with the boy is not considered homosexuality, otherwise this man would have absolutely other problem, somehow: to die through burning, beaten with stones or falling from a tower, but not the ban to marry the boy’s mother. These punishments are mentioned in Hadith because “people of Lot made.” Unless it does not remind a curve mirror? The deformed concept about homosexuality cuts an eye. Read the Quran – and be surprised.


Very interesting religion in respect of the fact that a sexual relationship in it plays one of the most important roles. This religion in a concept, for example, of the same Christianity is considered extremely sinful and dissolute.

The Hinduism is not positive to homosexuality, but is not negative also

In the book “Homosexuality and World Religions” on the basis of a research of literature Hinda the following conclusions become. “The Hinduism is the religion which is positively adjusted to sex concerning all three purposes of human life – a Dharma, and even concerning in the context of a tantra. It, however, should not be perceived somehow that the Hinduism considers homosexuality within the general field of sexual activity in positive light. Literature the Dharma and an artkha in some way resist to him, literature Kama does not resist to him, but also does not support. Anyway, she is limited to Dharma values. Literature of a moks mentions only symbolical homosexuality in some forms of devoted Hinduism. But even these symbolical forms of Hinduism are had huge value”. It is necessary to carry out, however, difference between Hindu’s religion and a cultural relationship of Hindu.

As religion the Hinduism is more tolerant to homosexuality than as culture. In general, it is very difficult to define the Hinduism relation to homosexuality. This religion has many exercises and concepts, for example, in one homosexuality is not condemned, but also not welcomed, in another – condemned. Despite existence of certain good points in perception by homosexuality Hinduism, the modern statements of certain highest spiritual hierarches are sustained in the condemning tones. So, Dzhagdish Bhatt, the secretary of Federation of Hindu priests in Great Britain, said that “the Hinduism considers homosexuality as the unnatural phenomenon”.

Three described religions in general are negative to homosexuality, but as we see, it is brightly emphasized with their modern representatives. As for interpretation of last years, there are assumptions though some of them – especially it concerns Islam, – time in ten was surpassed by our concepts about homosexuality.