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About sex before marriage

Question Hello, Question concerning a premarital relationship. There is such situation, the guy meets the girl: he loves her and is confident in her, and they well know each other and from her party full reciprocity, sincerity and honesty too. Here, physical they have no communication, and civil marriage is not became real yet. Whether […]

Problem of sexual dependence and overcoming it

Let’s read 1fess. 4:3-5 “Gods will – is your consecration that you abstained from fornication”. God through the victim of the Son separated us from “world” that we made him a clean sacrifice in the form of our worship and service, for glory of his Name. And for Him it is not indifferent that will […]

How religion affects sexual life

Attentive view of religious norms is also locked at a given time can suggest an idea that God has certain problems with sexual life. Perhaps, any of spheres of human life did not receive closer attention in sacred texts what is given to a sexual relationship and rules by which they have to occur. Sexual […]

Homosexuality and world religions

Representatives of sexual minorities were always concerned by the relation of any given religions to homosexuality and lesbianism. Why? At everyone the motives. For example, someone will run to change religion, having learned that other religion belongs to sexual minorities more tolerantly; someone just wants to find though some consolation, knowing that not all religions […]

“I have A Dream” Martin Luther King

“I have a dream” – the well-known speech of Martin Luther King delivered by him on August 28, 1963 from Lincoln Memorial steps. This speech is considered one of the best speeches in the history and was recognized as the best speech of the 20th century the American community of oratory. A speech was delivered […]

Who are Baptists? What do Baptists differ from Orthodox Christians?

Some even ask, then Baptists differ from Christians. Unfortunately, atheistic promotion of the Soviet Union left a mark in a fit of temper both minds of people and very small attention is paid to questions of belief. Therefore, there are such questions. Who such Baptists and what they differ from Christians in … It is […]