Who are Baptists? What do Baptists differ from Orthodox Christians?

Some even ask, then Baptists differ from Christians. Unfortunately, atheistic promotion of the Soviet Union left a mark in a fit of temper both minds of people and very small attention is paid to questions of belief. Therefore, there are such questions. Who such Baptists and what they differ from Christians in … It is ridiculous to any knowing person to hear such questions. Because Baptists are also Christians. Because the Christian is that person who believes in Christ, recognizes him as God and Gods Son, and also believes in God Father and the Holy Spirit. Baptists have all this and moreover, they divide the general with Orthodox Christians, the apostolic creed and the Bible by Baptists differs in nothing from the Bible by Orthodox Christians because the same Synodal Translation is used. But differences really are, otherwise they would not be called Baptists.

The difference of Baptists from Orthodox Christians the first, is concluded in the name of this branch of Christianity.

The Baptist – came from the Greek baptizo that means to christen, immerse. And Baptista, based on the Scripture, make a baptism only at the age of reason. The infant baptism is not held. Baptists take the basis to it from the following texts of the Bible:

“And us nowadays similar to this image baptism, not carnal sewage,

but the promise to God of kind conscience, saves resurrection of Jesus Christ” – 1

Pat. 3:21.

“Go worldwide and preach the Gospel of all creature. Who will believe and

to be christened, it will be saved” – Mr. 16:15-16; Dejan. 2:38, 41, 22:16.

The water baptism by the God’s Word is made over those who believed in Jesus

as in the personal Christ Redeemer also experienced the birth from above. What is the birth from above, you can read in the gospel from Ioann in a chapter 3. But the point is that the person has to believe in God, and then host a baptism. And not vice versa, as it becomes in Orthodoxy. Because the Epiphany, according to Baptists, not only a sacrament, but also a promise about what it is also written to the Bibles by Pat. 3:21.

“Here, water: what interferes with me to be christened?. If you believe from the heart, it is possible. He told in reply: I believe that Jesus Christ is the Gods Son. Also ordered

to stop the chariot: also, both descended in water, Philip and the eunuch; also christened him” – Dejan. 8:36-38, 2:41, 8:12, 10:47, 18:8, 19:5.

The Epiphany is made by attendants through immersion in water for the sake of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

“So go, teach all people, christening them for the sake of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” – Mf. 28:19.

The Epiphany of believed symbolizes his death, burial and revival with Christ.

“Really you do not know that all of us christened in Christ Jesus in death him were christened? So we became buried with Him a baptism in death that as Christ

arose from the dead glory of the Father, and to us to go in the updated life. Because if we are connected to Him similarity of death him, then have to be connected and

similarity of revival” – Rome. 6:3-5; Gaul. 3:26-27; Stake. 2:11-12. At commission of a baptism the attendant asks questions to: Whether “You trust,

what is Jesus Christ the Son of God? Whether you promise to serve God in kind conscience?” – Dejan. 8:37; 1 Pat. 3:21. After the affirmative answer he

says: “On your belief I christen you for the sake of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”. Pronounces the word “Amen” together with the attendant.

The second difference of Baptists from Orthodox Christians. Icons and Saints.

If you were in Houses of the Prayer of Baptists, then you for certain noticed that there are no icons. Walls can be decorated with evangelical pictures, but nobody prays to them. Why?

Theological debate in this area is conducted not one century. But the Most reasonable argument of Baptists is that on icons Saints are represented. Saints it is not God, but people. People cannot be ubiquitous as God who fills with the Holy Spirit all Earth. And when the person addresses other just person who lived a righteous life and even worked wonders and let be in paradise, how the prayer gets to the Saint? God who Ubiquitous will give her to the Saint that this Saint, for example Nikolay the flatterer, gave her then to God again!? Not logically. But very few people think of how the prayer gets to the Saint. Also, very few people think of whether the prayer to the Saint, communication with the dead which is forbidden in the Bible is. Orthodox Christians answer it that like, at the Lord all are alive. Well are alive. and those who in hell are alive, and those who in paradise are alive. And the ban then why the Lord gave?! It turns out God’s Orthodox Christians break the ban. It here difference. Therefore, Baptists do not pray to Saints who are represented on icons. Baptists pray only to the one God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and there is no sin in it, even from the point of view of Orthodox Christians.

 Third difference of Orthodox Christians from Baptists

Baptists do not take alcohol. There is no direct ban in their doctrine on it. But there was such tradition to differ from the sinful world and not to allow an opportunity to sin, Baptists preach refusal of alcoholic drinks, smoking, drugs and other dependences. Everything to me is permissible, but nothing has to possess me – Paul the Apostle said. And Baptista in this relation – good fellows.

Fourth difference

Baptists do not perform a funeral service. Also consider that if the person died and did not confess, then the future him is decided only by God. In Orthodoxy the mentality of the Russian people where God even of the guilty person, can send to paradise in this regard is very well displayed if the priest makes a prayer. Baptists are inclined to personal responsibility in the outlook and, besides, based on the Scripture, a story about the robber on a cross and a story about the rich man and Lazar draw a conclusion that God instantly decides destiny of a human soul and no burial services will help if the person himself did not confess, then no nepotism will work.

Difference the fifth Baptists from Orthodox Christians

Baptists are more inclined than to establish Orthodox Christians close church ties and communication. Brothers communicate on brotherly communication, the sister on sisterly, youth on youth, children, on nurseries and so on. To stay in communication – one of lines of Baptists which helps them to learn about needs each other and in time to help to solve the arising every day and spiritual problems. The church of Baptists – in something is similar to the orthodox monastery. Any believer in Christ joined church of Baptists, can join and become a part of community, find friends, service to God and support from brothers and sisters.

Difference the sixth – the Church service

Baptists have a church service, means a Sunday church service, takes place differently what, at Orthodox Christians.

Of course, there is also a prayer, singing and a sermon. Only the prayer to God is made in clear Russian, but not on old Slavic. Honor singing same, can be choral, can be general. But maybe solo, and trio. Also can in time a church service be told the poem or the certificate from life as God acts is told. Special attention that the person did not leave empty of church is paid to a sermon. Baptists do not make a sign of the cross, though against it have nothing.

Difference the seventh Orthodox Christians from Baptists – worship of relics.

Baptists are respectful to the died righteous persons, but do not do subjects to worship because do not find in the Bible of examples of such worship of their remains. Yes, they speak, in the Bible there is a case when during Christ’s death the died young man, revived from contact with the prophet’s bones. But Christ has risen 2000 years ago. And there is anywhere no precept that worshipped bones of dead people. But it is written that only God was worshipped and served. Therefore, Baptists abstain from such doubtful the practician, including them remnants of paganism which got into church from ancestors who were violently christened.

These are the main differences which are evident at once, there are also others, but they are less interesting to the ordinary person. And if it is interesting to someone, it is possible to look on the website of Baptists or Orthodox Christians.

Who are Baptists

Who such Baptists? Baptists are Christians of the Protestant direction. The name comes from the Greek word of the word that from – “I immerse a baptism in water”, that is “I christen”. Literally Baptists it is baptized people.

The Christianity is many-sided as the people living on the earth are many-sided. Only at the time of Jesus Christ was not between people and his followers. It is truer to tell they were, but Jesus the word solved them. Then time to Christ came to leave the world terrestrial and to rise to the Father. But Jesus did not leave Christians lonely and sent the Holy Spirit who lives in the hearts of the believing people. The first three centuries the Christianity kept. There was no baptism of children, there were no icons, there were no statues. The Christianity was persecuted and not to magnificence was the poor covered with wounds church which kept belief and the Word of the Lord. Through centuries the church carried by the undistorted Gospel by Lord Jesus. God kept the word.

How Baptism has started?

But people remain people. The people differ from the people. And Christianity, extending on the person of the earth, incorporated customs and traditions of the people which believed in Christ, but not up to the end left the former customs and ceremonies. Also thought out what was not in the Bible. In the West sold indulgences, such peculiar admission to paradise, for money. The Pope wallowed in libertinism and burdened himself with temporal power. In the east, as however and in the West, the Word of God became far from language of the people to which he spoke. Hebrew, Latin and Greek were considered as sacred languages, the Russian Orthodox Church won to itself the right to serve on old Slavic. But also it was unclear to people. Ignorance, ignorance of people in the God’s word allowed priests to reserve the right to read and interpret the writing, somehow to them that led to emergence of what in the Bible and was not. So proceeded long. So far one monk, having learned languages on which the Bible is written did not decide to resist to defilement of church. He wrote out the whole 95 shocking points on which the church departed from the Bible. Also beat them to doors of church as believe, in Wittenberg. He translated the Bible into German. People indignant of impunity of official church followed him. So reformation of church began. Then the Bible was translated into English, French. The established church cruelly resisted desire of people to read the Bible in the native language. In each state there were churches inherently reminding Baptists. in France, they were called Huguenots. Did you hear about the Massacre of St. Bartholomew? 30 000 Protestants, were killed for the belief. In England persecutions on Protestants also began.

About Baptists

Baptists do not christen babies. Also, Evangelical Christians did not christen them. Then these two churches united and Evangelical Christians of Baptista began to be called. Emergence of this church was predetermined by emergence of the translation into Bible Russian. What was found by Baptists in the Bible of it that so long interfered with the translation of the Bible and kept the people in dark. But the Russian people were not approved in the belief, were not the conceiving people, and revolution, the promises of freedom of equality and brotherhood, quickly changed the attitude of Orthodox Christians towards the belief. But did not change belief of Baptists and Evangelical Christians which passed through the  union and carried by the belief despite silly charges of debauchery and sacrifices. Of course, similar Baptists did nothing. Baptists are Christians who preach chaste life by the God’s word. The Bible as the God’s word is authority and the basis of their belief for Baptists. Baptists believe that as Jesus Christ resolved issues by the word, so the Bible has answers to questions which arise in the believer’s life. Baptists reject what came to church after the Scripture was written.

And therefore our, Russian Protestants, try to imitate in everything to Christ. Christ did not strive for wealth and splendor and church services of Baptists do not demand gold and expensive attributes. Christ did not wear magnificent clothes and Baptists do not strive for luxury. But they also do not strive for poverty, work the hands, process the case if can as the apostle Pavel taught that. Baptists have big and strong families. Secular education is encouraged, encouraged also music education. Therefore, church services of Baptists are full of music and sermons. On a church service can sing chorus, play music, execution solo or band of believers. In the relation service to God Baptists are not conservative and can bring various creative elements. Baptists are positive to the state. Do military service. Taxes pay. Because to the Bibles it is written that any power from God is established and she needs to be respected. Among all Protestants Baptists are closest to Orthodoxy theological, and believe in Christ as the Son Boga and Boga. Believe in God Father and the Holy Spirit. Believe in revival of the dead and a remission of sins thanks to an atoning sacrifice of Christ. Therefore, differences are in some moments of a church service, external attributes and what came to church after writing of the Bible, differences in what is not present in the Bible. You can esteem according to the reference below.

Social life of Baptists

What else it is possible to tell about Baptists. As people are people kind and sympathetic. Hardworking. The priest at Baptists is called the pastor or the presbyter, usually he, except service in church, also works at work. Therefore, Baptists cannot be accused that they do nothing for society. Baptists, as well as many believers of other faiths, feed hungry and are engaged in the fact that they revitalize society, working with alcoholics and addicts, with the God’s help returning them to work and normal public life. In general, the attitude towards Baptists – positive, and their doctrine causes respect in those who faced them and surprises with the logicality and simplicity. You can visit their church service, having come into the House of a prayer in due time and having sat down on an empty seat to recognize them closer.