How religion affects sexual life

Attentive view of religious norms is also locked at a given time can suggest an idea that God has certain problems with sexual life. Perhaps, any of spheres of human life did not receive closer attention in sacred texts what is given to a sexual relationship and rules by which they have to occur.

Sexual theology

The Term sexual theology James Nelson in the book “offered Embodiment: An Approach to Sexuality and Christian Theology” (“Merge: approach to sexuality and Christian divinity”, 1979). Introduction of this term was dictated by attempt to bring together Christians who are afraid of a sensuality and sex, and the modern culture open for sexual pleasures and experiments. What is the sexual theology engaged in? It studies a wide range of questions from philosophical to quite practical. For example, along with questions of that why God created sex and an orgasm, the acceptability and desirability of any given sexual the practician is discussed. The sexy theologians are in all religions, but there are practically no serious researches and works on this matter anywhere. However, and their interpretation allows to determine by interpretation of sacred texts what actions and what are not present. It is remarkable that practically all world religions are approximately identical in the list of the bans: sex out of a bark, sex during monthly, sex during a post and big religious holidays, homosexuality.

In nuances there is a mass of distinctions, but an essence one: sex, in terms of religion, not such simple action in which it is possible just to be engaged.

Bans and permissions: that Rather long time Christianity the most asexual religion which claimed that sex is a concession to sinful human nature was necessary for charitable sex. As it is a sin, to be proud here not of what as well as to enjoy. Especially strongly similar moods were felt in the Middle Ages. Then under the strict ban everything got, being beyond a missionary pose with expression of grief and flour on a face. Anal sex, oral caress, a pose mastiffs – style and equestrians – everything got under the strict ban. And the woman cannot get at all an orgasm as this obvious manifestation of receiving pleasure from this sinful action. Only in a missionary pose and only for the sake of reproduction.

The Judaism and Islam in this question are more loyal and do not consider a sexual relationship between the husband and the wife something sinful. However, it is necessary to follow certain rules. For example, in Judaism there is a special ritual which always precedes sex – it is immersion of the woman in a mikva. During monthly and several days after them, couple has no sex, but after their termination the woman makes ritual ablution after which the ban on sex is withdrawn. This ritual carries not so much hygienic sense, how many symbolical. The woman after such immersion appears at the husband updated, and men need novelty that their passion did not go out.

Concerning the relation to a female orgasm it is possible to call Judaism the most advanced religion. Bringing the woman to an orgasm is imputed a duty to the husband. If he cannot or does not want it to make – the wife can file for a divorce on this basis and will be right. In Judaism there is a ban on full exposure and demonstration of the body. Therefore sex are possible only in the dark room and it is desirable under a blanket. It is considered that the darkness and a secret only strengthen passion and desire of the wife and husband.

In Islam there are only four strict bans in a sexual relationship of the husband and wife: sex during monthly, sex during the postnatal period, during respect for ritual purity at commission of a pilgrimage, anal sex. All other questions – time, the place, poses – remain on a discretion to the husband and wives. Even during a post, sex is forbidden in the afternoon, but at night (since sunset and till the dawn) – the ban is withdrawn.

 “God will punish”: for someone sex and religion are not compatible

In the book “Role of an Image of God in Developing of Neurosis” Andrzej Molenda, the psychologist of department of psychology and sociology of religion (Institute of religious studies, Krakow, Poland), is sure that the person can “be poisoned by God”. It occurs if sense of guilt which is formed in an image of the punishing God is constantly imposed to the believer. This image is imperceptibly interwoven into structure of the personality, influencing many spheres of human life including on the sexual sphere. It is difficult for neurotic persons to resist to such pressure. Therefore, for them the belief can become a real obstacle on the way to healthy sexuality.

About the most shocking sexual ceremonies read in the following article. Ekkleziogenny neurosis is directly connected with sexuality. In risk group there are adherents of those religious exercises which perceive sex from the negative point of view. Such position can lead to various deviations up to total physical and mental inability to sexual contacts. Therefore, what more positive relation will be to sex in the religious environment, especially happy and healthy will be believers.