About sex before marriage



Question concerning a premarital relationship. There is such situation, the guy meets the girl: he loves her and is confident in her, and they well know each other and from her party full reciprocity, sincerity and honesty too. Here, physical they have no communication, and civil marriage is not became real yet. Whether will be a sin if they have sex, without having married?


You ask a very important question my brother.

2008 in the brotherhood is announced year of the family. This decision is designed to make horny the serious relation to marriage in family of Christians. The family is a Divine definition for the person as an image of harmonious life, observing which and staying in which the person, most fully discloses the talents, finds himself, and executes the purpose given him by God. History of the person can be presented as history of a revolt minds God. Though for some it can be presented as the history of liberation of the person, release of the person. Kind of we did not call this process, we can estimate its results. I will not discover big secretion if I tell that the moral state of peace of modern does not satisfy the person. It is quite possible to call the left twentieth century an age of destruction of moral bases, religious bases of mankind. It is enough to remember the October revolution which declared the claims for world supremacy with desire to overthrow God and to pick up government of the world human.

We have the right to call a century past and an age of sexual freedom when to shamelessness undressed women, and mercilessly operating sexuality of the person, turned him into the slave to passions. Here is how the Writing determines the state of affairs by God’s eyes: “They, having reached loss of consciousness, indulged in libertinism so that they do any not purity ” (Eph.4:19). I remember the certificate of one author who conducted a research in women’s corrective labor colony. The vast majority of women demonstrated that the sexual relations were line for which life went head over heels and ended with crime, it is natural out of marriage. I call guys and girls. Do not give in on promotion of debauchery! Store yourself clean!

 Your question demonstrates that even at general refusal of recognition of sanctity of marriage, in your soul there is an awe which stores you. To possess the woman as the hunter possesses the victim it is possible, but it is not marriage. To possess the woman as the lady’s man who, following the passion, meets her desire it is possible, but it is not marriage! The public morals allow sexual freedom, having called it a civil marriage, or even love, for the greater importance free love, but it is not marriage. Braque of God is Saint, and he is much bigger than sex. The huge value has also sexual relations, but also, they do not create happy marriage. Sex out of marriage beyond the law. Sex out of marriage a sin. It is absolutely clear. The unification of two – men and women in one is a divine act. It includes a unification spiritual; it is basis. He includes a unification sincere. It includes a unification corporal. Such is the marriage in God’s plan given us in the Bible.

He was such, he is such, he it also will remain, the person is alive how long. And therefore, for happiness of everyone it is necessary to create family in full consent with God’s will. Will of God is shown in the requirement to young people to store himself clean. Will of God proves in love of young people, girl and guy who find confidence in purpose of for each other. Will of God is shown in parental blessing with which they allocate the young people uniting in marriage. And of course, God’s will be made in God’s church where the Lord combines young people, through a prayer of the attendant and church. What God combined; the person yes does not separate that.

I wish to all guys to accept the bride to themselves as the wife of the clean maiden.